Online GST Registration in India

To reduce the compliance burden and to provide ease in doing business in India, many indirect taxes like VAT, Service Tax, Excise duty, Sales Tax, Import-Export, Octroi, etc. only require GST registration India. GST registration is mandatory if a person’s turnover crosses a prescribed limit. But if goods or services are supplied to another state in India or through an ecommerce site, GST registration is mandatory irrespective of turnover. Also, any non-resident person or company supplying goods or services in India needs to take the online GST registration in India regardless of turnover.

What is the GST Registration Process for NRI?

Provisional Registration

  • A non-resident taxable person will file electronically an application for registration using the FORM GST REG-09 along with a self-attested copy of his valid passport.
  • The application must be properly signed or verified through EVC.
  • It must be submitted at least five days before the initiation of the business.
  • In case it is a foreign business entity (incorporated or instituted outside India), the application for registration shall be submitted along with its tax identification number of that country (similar to our PAN) or its PAN (if it has one).
  • An advance deposit of tax (based on estimation) must also be submitted along with the application.

Final Registration

Final registration will be made in the same way as in the case of resident taxpayers as follows:

  • If the person wants to register under GST, then he will submit an application electronically using the FORM GST REG–26. Any information must be provided within three months.
  • If the information is accurate and complete, the final GST registration will be provided in FORM GST REG-06
  • If the information is not correct, then the officer will issue a show-cause notice using FORM GST REG-27. A reasonable opportunity of being heard will be provided after which the provisional registration will be cancelled through the FORM GST REG-28
  • If the applicant’s reply is satisfying, then the show cause notice issued can be nullified by issuing an order via the FORM GST REG- 20

The application for registration made by a non-resident will be signed by his authorized signatory, who must be a person resident in India with a valid PAN.

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