Reset Password Link Of Income Tax Online Account

This blog is for you, if you are an NRI and you are unable to login to your online income tax e-filing account because:

  1. You forgot your password and
  2. Login through net banking is not working for you as you have bank accounts in banks like CITI bank or HSBC which are not in available bank list on income tax portal and
  3. You don’t have Aadhar (as it is not mandatory for NRIs) or you have Aadhar but your phone number is not linked with it and
  4. You can’t access the contact details provided in your e-filing account or you can access contact details but you are not getting OTPs as phone number provided by you in e-filing account was foreign
  5. You are getting an error when you are trying to login through old or new Digital Signature (DSC)

It looks rarest to rarest situation but in reality, few NRIs are still facing it. I hope this blog with help those who are still stuck in this situation.

We are able to get the reset password link for our clients through below steps:

You can write an email to:

You have to share the below details:

  1. Scanned copy of your PAN
  2. Scanned PDF copy of the identity proof (such as passport /Voter Identity card/Driving License /Aadhaar card / Bank passbook with Photo)
  3. Scanned PDF copy of Address proof (such as passport /Voter Identity card/Driving License /Aadhaar card / Bank passbook with Photo)
  4. Letter requesting to reset the password by giving the reasons and mentioning email ID and contact number.

Note 1: Kindly attach the documents in ZIP (.zip) format only, otherwise your request will not be processed. It means you have attached a separate request letter with other proofs as mentioned above. Just writing an email with details is not enough.

Note 2: All the documents to be self-attested by you.

Note 3: The request for password reset has to originate from the personal email id of the Pan holder as registered in the e-filing profile.

Note 4: Phone number provided in request letter shall be Indian. You can give your friend’s or relative’s number who can forward the OTP to you to reset the password. You can change contact details with your foreign contact details once you login to your income tax account.

Note 5: Try to strictly follow each and every step carefully otherwise your request may not be processed.

Note 6: Once the documents are validated, the reset password link will be shared to the Email id from which request has been received.

Note 7: Link provided will be active for 24 hours. So, try to reset the password as soon as possible.

Please note, I am writing this blog keeping the current situation and resolution available in mind. Income tax department is continuously working to improve the portal so most probably they will come out with better solutions very soon. May be user will be able to reset password through registering new DSC (which is not working right now) or new contact details (this option was available in old portal) soon.

Disclaimer: I really admire the whole initiative income tax department is taking to make the processes easier and transparent for all. I do not intend to criticise or advice or influence anyone. These are totally my views based on my experiences and I am looking forward for more positive changes in all income tax processes. Please do let me know if you want to share your experience or views in this regard. You can write to me at or call/WhatsApp me at +91 9910075924.

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